Social Value Forums toolkit

A toolkit for understanding and promoting social value in the delivery of care and support services and developing Social Value Forums to support organisations in meeting the outcomes of the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act 2014.

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Social Value Forums Toolkit

This toolkit aims to share good practice and set out how Regional Partnership Boards and Social Value Forums can seek to develop new ways of working to embed the aspirations and principles of the Act.

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Social Value Forums, the policy context

In April 2016, two significant new pieces of legislation came into effect that change the way public bodies work to deliver well-being and improved outcomes for citizens.

The Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act 2014 (SSWBA) provides the legal framework for transforming social services. This improves the way that people’s needs for care and support, and carers needs for support are met. In implementing the principles of the Act, action should be geared towards improving individual wellbeing outcomes.

The Act established seven Regional Partnership Boards (RPBs), on the health board footprint. These boards must jointly assess, plan and provide efficient and effective services. Individual outcomes and well-being underpins the whole system. The statutory partners are Local Authorities and Local Health Boards. Membership also includes national and local third sector representation, and representation for citizens, carers and independent providers.

The Act also provides for Regional Forums or Social Value Forums and places a duty on local authorities to promote social value based providers in their area.

The Wellbeing of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015 (“WFG Act”) is about improving the social, economic, environmental and cultural well-being of Wales. The Act established Public Services Boards (PSBs) for each local authority area in Wales to work towards local wellbeing goals.

Both Acts require authorities to provide preventative services as a means of achieving well-being, utilising collaboration between and within public bodies, the third sector and the involvement of citizens in information-gathering, decision-making and the design of services.

To develop a robust and sustainable sector for the delivery of social care, preventative and well-being services, a long term vision is needed for the support and development of social value based service providers. The Social Value Forum plays a vital role in informing the development of these services and utilising a range of opportunities to realise the aspirations of the SSWBA.

Other relevant policy approaches include:

  • ‘Prudent Healthcare Principles’ and the ‘National Outcomes Frameworks’.
  • The 2018 Parliamentary Review into Health and Social Care in Wales.
  • Programme for Government: ‘Prosperity for All’.
  • Economic drivers such as the foundational economy, inclusive economies and economic and community anchors. Be mindful of the ways that different pieces of legislation and regulations may interact including; housing regulations, competition and procurement laws, Equality Act 2010 and employment legislation.

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