A guide to developing community-led homes

The go-to resource to help you understand how to set-up a community-led housing development, with lots of useful information to help you get started.

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This guide is aimed at helping community groups, housing associations, local authorities and others in the initial stages of considering how to develop co-operative & community-led homes (CCLH). It is not possible to develop a CCLH scheme just using a guide or a website. Advice will be needed along the way. This guide will help people to make early decisions about what type of scheme can be developed, and it signposts to where further advice is available.

This guide is particularly aimed at:

  • Housing associations wishing to support CCLH
  • Local authorities¬†wishing to support CCLH
  • Individuals and groups wishing to create CCLH.

While we can’t create your homes for you, we can give you a rod and teach you how to fish, as the old saying goes. See what support is on offer from the Communities Creating Homes programme here.

This guide has been written by CCH who retain all rights. Used with express permission.