Assessing the potential benefits of living in co-operative and/or community led housing (CCLH)

A report into the benefits of CCLH, focusing on the experiences of individuals who have lived in a co-operative or community setting.

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Co-operative and community led housing research

Over the years we have seen the softer benefits that can be achieved from living in CCLH, but felt the time was right to substantiate this by commissioning research that focused more on the voice of individuals and their experiences, and less on supporting organisations. Allowing us to learn from the challenges as well as the benefits that can be associated with developing and living in CCLH is vital to developing a thriving movement in Wales.

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In this research, residents living in co-operative and community-led housing (CCLH) schemes identified in their own words a large range of benefits that they have gained from living in their schemes.

These included:

  • Improved skills
  • Increased confidence
  • Better physical health
  • Improved mental well-being
  • A better financial situation
  • Less loneliness/isolation
  • Greater community feeling
  • Increased ability to live in tune with their values and their environment.

Providers interviewed for this research also identified a wide variety of benefits arising from their CCLH schemes.

These included:

  • Greater ease of letting of properties / reduced number of void properties
  • Lower incidences of rent arrears among tenants
  • Reduced number of complaints from tenants
  • Fewer instances of antisocial behaviour
  • Increased levels of resident engagement
  • Improved community cohesion.

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“In a world full of social media we sometimes forget that people can still be experiencing isolation and loneliness even though they are ‘connected’ to others. CCLH naturally provides opportunities to; develop friendships, interact with fellow residents, learn new skills, and build confidence and knowledge in a supportive environment. All of which can play an important part in improving a person’s mental health and wellbeing, and addressing loneliness and isolation.”

Lara Ramsay, Director of Inclusive Communities, Wales Co-operative Centre

This research has been commissioned by Communities Creating Homes, which is delivered by the Wales Co-operative Centre, with support from DTA Wales and is funded by the Nationwide Foundation and Welsh Government.

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