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We can change the world

Inspired by the recent Social Business Wales Awards and Conference, one of our team members shares her thoughts on the power of passion.

By WalesAdmin · September 26, 2019

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I am currently, as I write this blog, sitting on the floor outside my office, locked out, because in my tiredness I have forgotten my pass. It’s early and I’m the first one here, there’s nobody to open the door.

As I sit here, resigned and pining for a cauldron sized cup of tea, I have time to reflect on the past two days. As a team, we just pulled off a very successful awards night and conference for the social business sector in Wales.

Over the two events we show-cased life changing social enterprises, watched moving performances and listened to amazing stories from brilliantly diverse speakers. The social enterprise sector showed itself, once again, to be a force for positive change and I don’t think I was the only one leaving Llandudno feeling inspired and hungry for change.

There’s no doubt we’re facing challenging times, with polarising politics pushing people apart and the media fostering a culture of accusation, self-aggrandisement and falseness. Many people are feeling powerless and forgotten; feeling lost, confused and ashamed.

But what I learnt from listening to people’s stories over the last few days, is that these feelings do not need to be permanent, that any challenge can be overcome and that anybody can make change if they believe in themselves and if they are believed in.

From a choir overcoming prejudices, to a film crew defeating their demons, from ultra marathon runners, to illustrators, life long co-operators and even a pirate, what struck me was the importance of integrity, perseverance, and, most significantly, the overwhelming presence of passion.

What I will take away from this year’s Social Business Wales Awards and Conference is that passion, above all else, has the power to change lives, and that wonderfully, we have an abundance of it here in Wales.

Passion can inspire us to start incredible journeys, can propel us to push ourselves, sustain us through the difficult times and give us the energy to reach our goals – one sprint, one step, one plod at a time.

Passion can change the world. So find yours. Ignite it. Feed it. Use it.

Use it to light your way, use it to find the people lost in the shadows, use it to set fire to the broken rule books and show the world that there is another way. A better way.

Because now is our time to shine. In these times of darkness and confusion, now is the time for individuals and enterprises to stoke the fires that drive us and build them till they start a wildfire that spreads a passion for positive change across the world.

Because the world needs to change, it needs to be saved, and we my friends, we powerful passionate individuals, if we work together, we truly can save the world.

So with that said I’m going to get off the floor, break into my office, make myself that giant cup of tea and get to work. Because today, is day one.

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The awards conference are part of the Social Business Wales project which is funded by the European Regional Development Fund and Welsh Government and is delivered by the Wales Co-operative Centre. It is part of the Business Wales service.