Using online tools to generate voluntary income | 16 June 2021 | 11am

ONLINE EVENT | #TechFest4SocialGood | Part of Digital Leaders Week (14-18 June 2021)

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Using online tools to generate voluntary income, 16th June 2021 11am

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Hosted by Third Sector Support Wales (WCVA and the County Voluntary Councils) this event will highlight the different ways charities can use different platforms and tools available on the internet to raise unrestricted income. Guest speaker Amy Kordiak from Local Giving will highlight the benefits of using digital to attract donations, and we will identify the varied ways to generate additional income online.


This session is aimed at social enterprises, co-operatives, charities, community groups and voluntary organisations and will explore digital solutions, ideas, innovations, and technologies that could help them work more efficiently and increase their impact.


Portrait of Alison Pritchard

Alison Pritchard

Sustainable Funding Manager, WCVA

Alison Pritchard is the Sustainable Funding Manager at WCVA, having previously held roles with the Chartered Institute of Fundraising and Cardiff Third Sector Council. Originally from England but now officially a Wales rugby supporter, Alison is very passionate about the third sector in Wales; helping it to develop, be ambitious and become more financially sustainable.

Portrait of Sarah Tamsin

Sarah Tamsin

Freelance website designer and content creator

Sarah is a freelance website designer and content creator from South Wales. She has spent over 15 years working on various digital projects in the voluntary sector and Local Government before starting her freelance career.
Starting her online business initially as a side hustle, Sarah also developed a network of successful income-generating websites and blogs using affiliate marketing, brand partnerships and selling digital products. She provides advice, support and training to small businesses, charities and individuals wanting to develop additional income streams using digital content.

Portrait of Amy Kordiak

Amy Kordiak

Wales Development Manager, Localgiving

Amy Kordiak is the Wales Development Manager at Localgiving and has responsibility for recruiting and mentoring groups across Wales in online fundraising. She is overseeing the Crowdfund Wales Programme which is funded for 3 years and is keen for third sector groups to recognise the value of digital fundraising in order to increase their financial sustainability.

Amy has worked in the voluntary sector for 15 years, predominantly in Wales; mainly focussing on equality, youth and community work and international partnerships.

Tech Fest For Social Good 14-18 June 2021

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What is Tech for Good?

Tech for Good describes a movement and a community of people who care about harnessing technology to effect positive social impact.

It’s about seeking technological solutions to make things better for people, society and the planet and at the heart of this lies the commitment to putting people first. The number of people and organisations thinking and operating in this space is increasing and the type of the activity they engage in is constantly evolving.

Who are we?

The Wales Co-operative Centre is a not-for-profit co-operative organisation that supports people in Wales to improve their lives and livelihoods.

For more than a decade we’ve been helping people to gain fundamental digital skills so that they can access information, services and jobs. As well as our work on digital inclusion, we are working with the charity and social business sector to help it harness digital technology for social good.

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