Tackling diversity and equality in the digital age | 17 June 2021 | All Day Drop-in

ONLINE EVENT | #TechFest4SocialGood | Part of Digital Leaders Week (14-18 June 2021)

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At the Wales Co-operative Centre, we are passionate about the potential of technology to improve people’s lives, livelihoods and communities and we continually seek to collaborate with others who share this passion.

For this all-day drop-in session on our new virtual conference platform, Remo, we will be hearing from a range of inspiring organisations that are committed to tackling diversity and inclusion in the digital age. From meeting the needs of Veterans and Asylum Seekers to finding digital solutions for Welsh language and minority ethnic communities, this session promises to inspire and to educate.


This session is aimed at social enterprises, co-operatives, charities, community groups and voluntary organisations and will explore digital solutions, ideas, innovations, and technologies that could help them work more efficiently and increase their impact.

Schedule of the day

 This event will be hosted on our new virtual event platform Remo unless stated otherwise*. We encourage you to stay and network in between the scheduled sessions.

9amEvent opens / networking 

9:20amWelcome from Chair (Dr Sangeet Bhullar / Karen Lewis)

9:30am – 10.30am:  Meeting the needs of minority ethnic communities in the digital age

(Mymuna Soleman The Privilege Café, Faruk Ogut DPIA, Daisy Graham and Eloise Pinchera Social Change Uk)

11am – 11.45am: Meeting the needs of Asylum Seekers and Refugees in the digital age

(Nina Olshan and Lara Goodwin Micro Rainbow)

12.15pm – 1pm: Meeting the needs of Veterans in the digital age

(Victoria Williams Swansea Bay Health board, Finola Pickwell Adferaid Recovery)

1.30pm – 2.15pm: Developing digital technology to Support People in the Criminal Justice System

(Dr Gemma Morgan Swansea University, Phil Reynolds Legal Innovation Lab Wales, Melissa Berry – Include Hub)

2.30pm – 3.30pm: Meeting the needs of Welsh-Speaking Communities in the digital age*

(Deian ap Rhisiart Digital Communities Wales, Tegwen Morris Merched Y Wawr, Selwyn Jones Llety Arall, Gwenlli Evans from Cwmni Bro Ffestiniog) (*Zoom)
The event will be delivered in Welsh. Simultaneous translation will be available at this event to translate from Welsh to English.

9:30am – Meeting the needs of minority ethnic communities in the digital age


Dr Sangeet Bhullar

Founder of WISE KIDS

Dr Sangeet Bhullar is the founder of WISE KIDS, a non-profit company which empower young people, families, communities and professionals to develop their digital literacy and expertise, sense of agency and wellbeing so that they can thrive in a connected world. She believes that online access, digital citizenship education a (which promotes agency and empowered online participation) and wellbeing are vital if society is truly to harness the benefits of a connected and kinder world. She is a member the Welsh Government Digital Inclusion Management Board, a Board member of Wikimedia UK. She can be found on Twitter as @sangeet


Faruk Headshot

Faruk Ogut

Chief Coordinator, DPIA

Displaced People in Action is a charity based in Cardiff, Wales. They support refugees and asylum seekers to live well within our communities. Faruk is a strong advocate for young people and is keen to help people reach their potential. He worked with young people and took up employment with a supported housing project helping young people develop independent living skills and resettle into the community. Faruk has also worked with an advocacy project for children in care settings helping them articulate their views and wishes.

Privellege Cafe Muyna Logo

Mymuna Soleman

Founder, The Privilege Café

Mymuna was born and bred in Cardiff, Wales with a huge passion for equality and diversity but most importantly equal representation for Muslim women of colour like herself. Mymuna set up The Privilege Café as soon as Lockdown began, frustrated with the lack of diversity and expression for woman of colour in spaces filled with privilege.
The virtual Café provides a safe, open forum where discussions are made on privilege among other topics including mental health and privilege, language and linguistics, ‘unconscious’ bias and various others. Providing an open space welcome to anyone discuss and learn ‘difficult’ topics - but most importantly how people can use their privilege for good.

Daisy Graham

Social Researcher and Data Analyst, Social Change UK

Daisy is experienced in using behavioural models and theories in research to uncover key insights for change, and specialises in using quantitative data analysis to identify trends in behaviour. In this session, she will be presenting the key insights from research to understand the barriers which people from ethnic minority communities face when getting online and using the internet, and how these can be overcome to extend digital inclusion across Wales.

Eloise Pinchera

Head of Research and Evaluation, Social Change UK

Eloise has completed a Masters in Social Research and is experienced in working on a range of social issues with a background at Macmillan Cancer Support, Mind and in International Development. Eloise will co-present the first session of the day, presenting research findings on the reasons why people from minority ethnic communities are more likely to be digitally excluded, and how we can address this.

11:00am – Meeting the needs of asylum seekers and refugees in the digital age


Nina Olshan Headshot

Nina Olshan

Services Coordinator, Micro Rainbow

Micro Rainbow’s vision is to create a world where lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer and intersex (LGBTQI) people are free from discrimination, persecution and have equal opportunities in life. As they discuss their online social inclusion project supporting LGBTQI refugees rejected by their families and communities in the UK. Providing guidance over the phone, by email and social media to support LGBTQI asylum seekers who are homeless, feel isolated and distressed or need guidance to move on. Offering weekly online social inclusion sessions like relaxation, yoga, dance and legal workshops.

Lara Goodwin

LBTI Women’s Outreach Officer, Micro Rainbow

Micro Rainbow’s vision is to create a world where lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer and intersex (LGBTQI) people are free from discrimination, persecution and have equal opportunities in life, including in accessing employment, training, education, financial services, healthcare, housing, places of faith, and public services.

12:15am – Meeting the needs of Veterans in the digital age


Karen Lewis Director of External Engagement

Karen Lewis

Director of External Engagement

Wales Co-operative Centre


Victoria Williams

Clinical lead, Swansea Bay Health Board

Victoria Williams is the Clinical lead for Swansea Bay Health Board. She is a specialist in military mental health and trauma and is researching veterans experiences of Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) for combat trauma.
Veterans NHS Wales is a specialised, priority service for individuals who have served in the Armed Forces at any time in their lives and are experiencing mental health difficulties related specifically to their military service.

Finola Pickwell Headshot

Finola Pickwell

Co-ordinator, Adferaid Recovery

A qualified youth & community worker and teacher, Finola delivered IT for Bridgend Youth Service for a few years, she became a Community Development Worker with the army for seven years, before returning to Wales. Finola now works for Adferaid Recovery managing a small team that supports veterans and veterans’ organisations throughout Wales, in particular organisations providing activities for veterans with mental health issues.

1.30pm – Developing digital technology to support people in the criminal justice system


Gemma-Morgan Headshot

Dr. Gemma Morgan

Lecturer in Criminology at Swansea University

Gemma specialises in offender rehabilitation, youth justice, responsive evaluations, and the development and implementation of digital technologies to support desistance orientated work. Gemma is also a member of the EPSRC UK Digital Economy Crucible alumni.

Dr Phil Reynolds Headshot

Phil Reynolds

Lead Software Developer, Legal Innovation Lab Wales

Phil is the Lead Software Developer for the Legal Innovation Lab Wales. He and his team are designing and building tools with the aim of accelerating advancements in the industry and invigorating growth in Legal Tech in Wales and beyond. The Include Journey project is designed to facilitate Include's mission of helping people on a rehabilitation journey with a real focus on user ownership.

Melissa Berry Headshot

Melissa Berry

Director, Include Hub

Include UK, have been delivering quality support services for offenders since 2006, delivering projects that have supported and changed the lives of around 5,000 people. We are one of the core support agencies for the most vulnerable, complex and disadvantaged individuals in Wales. We have a proven track record of being the ‘go to’ community support mechanism for Statutory agencies like Prison, Probation, Police and Housing.

2:30pm – Meeting the needs of Welsh-speaking Communities in the digital age


photo of Dewi Smith

Dewi Smith

Programme Manager

Digital Communities Wales


Portrait of Deian ap Rhisiart

Deian ap Rhisiart

Digital Inclusion Advisor, Digital Communities Wales

Tegwen Morris

National Director

Merched Y Wawr

Photo of Selwyn Jones

Selwyn Jones

Llety Arall

Tech Fest For Social Good 14-18 June 2021

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What is Tech for Good?

Tech for Good describes a movement and a community of people who care about harnessing technology to effect positive social impact.

It’s about seeking technological solutions to make things better for people, society and the planet and at the heart of this lies the commitment to putting people first. The number of people and organisations thinking and operating in this space is increasing and the type of the activity they engage in is constantly evolving.

Who are we?

The Wales Co-operative Centre is a not-for-profit co-operative organisation that supports people in Wales to improve their lives and livelihoods.

For more than a decade we’ve been helping people to gain fundamental digital skills so that they can access information, services and jobs. As well as our work on digital inclusion, we are working with the charity and social business sector to help it harness digital technology for social good.

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