Supporting care commissioners and procurers to promote social value models of delivery

Are you looking to grow social value models to deliver care services, but not sure how to do it? We are here to help you.

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Hello commissioning and procurement colleagues and wider stakeholders!

If you are keen to increase social value models to deliver care services and would find support useful, the Wales Co-operative Centre has created resources for you to use.

Our guidance and resources are aimed at commissioners, procurement managers and key stakeholders.

We’ve collaborated with commissioners to create the resources that reflect the realities, challenges and aspirations faced in growing social value models to deliver care services.

Below is a list of webinars, presentations, reports, and a step-by-step guide, all aimed to support you to promote and invest in social value models of delivery.

If you are keen to discuss our resources further, then please do contact Donna Coyle, Co-operative Care Project Manager, on

1. Supporting care commissioners and procurers to promote social value models of delivery

Rationale and guidance for commissioners and procurers addressing fundamental questions:

  • What is a social value organisation?
  • Why should commissioners and procurers promote social value organisations?
  • How can commissioners and procurers promote social value models in a market environment?
  • What is the role of commissioning beyond the social market?

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Report authors explain how their recommendations can be implemented by care commissioners and procurers, on specifying, scoring and measuring the outcomes they want from a service against the five principles of the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act.

Part 1

Part 2

Commissioning: Collaborative exploration of the transformational agenda of the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act. Download presentation

Procurement: Create an environment in which social enterprises, co-operatives and charities are more likely to flourish. Download presentation

Case study: Gwynedd Home Care, Redesigning and commissioning for social value. Download presentation

2. How to redesign care services to grow social value for people and communities

Conversations with a commissioner and service managers to learn about the steps taken to create social value service models:

With Sally Beech, Strategic Commissioning Manager (Promoting Independence), Adult Services, Powys County Council.

With Sharon Frewin, Senior Manager for Community Inclusion and Debbie Edwards, Complex needs Co-ordinator, Adult learning disabilities, Carmarthenshire County Council.

Part 2

Exploring how to move from commissioning time and task domiciliary care services to an outcomes-based approach, while reviewing the options for change and examples of successful innovation in Wales. The think piece highlights the relevance of the principles of the Act and encourages collaborative action.

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To evaluate, redesign, commission and deliver a care service to achieve greater social value. Our five-step guide will show you how to use the principles of Social Services and Well-being Act to increase social value models of delivery.

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Furzy Park is an area of Haverfordwest in Pembrokeshire where two men with learning disabilities receive 24/7 support in their rented accommodation. Until recently, this arrangement was viewed by commissioner and provider alike as a focused contract in which the only assets to be mobilised were the funds of the commissioner and the staff of the provider. By thinking about the situation in the light of the principles of Co-production and Collaboration, something different is emerging.

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3. How to use ‘reserved contracts’ to procure and invest in social value models

‘Reserving Contracts with Businesses with a Public Service Mission’ for clear guidance for commissioners and procurement managers alike, to embed social value in service delivery. Reserving a contract under either Regulation 20 or Regulation 77 means only those businesses that meet the relevant social value criteria may tender.


Reserving contracts under either Regulation 20 or Regulation 77 allows contracting authorities to work with businesses with a social purpose (delivering social value).

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Case study: MTIB, focused on supporting disabled and disadvantaged people to move closer to and into sustainable employment.

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4. Rebalancing care homes services in Wales: Social enterprise and co-operative models and approaches

Series of three guides commissioned by Welsh Government to on how social enterprise and co-operative models can be used to rebalance care home services in Wales.

Guide 1 – Crucial reading for care home staff seeking different delivery models, and for local authority and Local Health Board commissioning teams wanting to fulfil duties to promote social value models of delivery, as set out Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act.

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Guide 2 – Hold discussions with current care home-owners thinking of a social enterprise or co-operative model to secure a sustainable future for their service.

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Guide 3 – Advice for social enterprises, co-operatives, local communities and charities considering running a care home in their area.

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