Social Media Guides

Practical guides to help you use social media to promote and grow your business.

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Before you start

Give these guides a read first if you’re new to social media, or you’re thinking of setting up new social media channels for your business.

Glossary of social media terms

Download now (230.2KB pdf)

Before you get started learn the language of social media

Choose the right social media channels for you

Download now (239.4KB pdf)

Now test your new knowledge and choose the social media ‘channels’ that are best for your co-operative – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram?

Strategic planning

Why will you be using social media, who is your target audience, what kind of content do they like? It’s important to have a social media strategy in place before you get started to help you make the most of your social media marketing.

How to develop a social media strategy

Download now (328.3KB pdf)

A step by step guide to help you develop your approach to using social media

Example of a social media policy for an organisation

Download now (346.6KB pdf)

It’s important that you all know how best to use social media to promote your co-operative – here’s how to create a policy to share with your co-op members

Getting started

Here are some practical social media guides to help you get everything set up, build your audiences and advertise on social media.

How to set up your social media channels

Download now (2.6MB pdf)

This is a ‘how to’ guide to set up your pages on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram

Learn how to build your audience on social media

Download now (761.9KB pdf)

Once you have set up your pages this guide will help you connect with more people

You need to plan your content for social media

Download now (296.0KB pdf)

Having a plan for all your social media activity is crucial – here’s another practical guide to help your planning

Promote your social media page on Facebook and LinkedIn

Download now (1.3MB pdf)

Promoting your page on Facebook and LinkedIn means advertising to reach more people – this is what you need to know

Monitoring your success

What worked well? What missed the mark? Why? It’s important to evaluate the impact of your social media posts so you can improve your offerings in the future.

Monitor how successful you are

Download now (1.5MB pdf)

How do you know you have successfully use social media to promote and grow your co-operative? This guide will help you look at what’s a success and what’s not