Regener8 Cymru works with Social Business Wales to create strong foundations

Valleys-based CIC Regener8 Cymru had recently been spun out of a privately owned training company. Although it had a track record of success supporting young people, it needed help from Social Business Wales to create a clear strategic vision and develop fundamental documents and processes.

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Why it’s important

Regener8 Cymru works with young people and delivers healthy relationship training in school and community settings, covering safe and healthy relationships, knowledge and understanding of domestic abuse, gender stereotyping, sexual consent, sexting and sexual exploitation. It also provides training, personal development and work experience programs to increase employability. It works mainly with young people from communities in Wales who are vulnerable, disadvantaged or disengaged, and often hard to reach.

The organisation was previously part of a private training company but had been recently spun out as a stand-alone business.

Chief Executive, Penny Chapman, called on Social Business Wales for help developing a business plan for the organisation. She also wanted advice to put in place employment contracts and HR policies to make sure the organisation was meeting its legal obligations.

How we helped

SBW worked with Penny to write a business plan which clarified Regener8 Cymru’s strategic direction and established some key performance indicators to help measure its impact.

SBW also provided intensive support to draft job descriptions and employment contracts for all the staff. Finally, it advised on a suite of equal opportunities and gender mainstreaming policies.

Impact of our support

Chief Executive Penny Chapman says, “Working with SBW helped us figure out a direction of travel for Regener8 Cymru which will guide our development in the next few years. It has also helped us identify a new product to develop into an additional income stream. This will lead to the creation of new roles within the organisation.

“The support has also helped me personally as I’ve been able to improve my business planning skills.”