General Election an opportunity to make the case for inclusive economy

Today's General Election announcement by the Prime Minister offers the chance to make the case for a more inclusive economy.

18 Apr, 17

Commenting on the announcement, Wales Co-operative Centre Chief Executive Derek Walker said:

“The General Election will be an opportunity to make the case for a more inclusive economy. We will be reminding politicians of all parties of the crucial role of social businesses in stimulating local economies.

“Traditional approaches to economic development are not working for the whole of Wales and economic growth has become unbalanced. Focus should be placed on creating the conditions where strong, local, community-centric economies can flourish. We believe that the social enterprise and co-operative sector can be at the centre of these economies.

“Brexit will undoubtedly be a big part of the election debate and this is also a crucial issue for social businesses in Wales.  With the large legislative agenda that will result from leaving the EU, we will seek to champion the social economy to ensure that it is not pushed aside. The impact of Brexit on social businesses also needs to considered.

“Businesses, communities and individuals across Wales have benefited significantly from European Union funding. Social enterprises and co-operatives have been helped to grow and create new jobs as a result of business advice, grants and loans funded by the EU.  We want assurances that the kind of actions that European funds have supported over the years will be funded by the next UK Government.”