Six reasons why applying for awards could be good for your social enterprise

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Win some prize money

Let’s get the obvious one out of the way first shall we? A lot of business awards will come with a cash prize. These will vary from sector to sector, but whatever the sum, a nice cash injection is bound to come in handy for your social enterprise.

Earn some publicity

Local news outlets love to cover local success stories, and depending on the size of the event, you may get included in national coverage too. What better way to get your business in the public eye than talking to the press about your award nomination or win?

Winning awards boosts your reputation

An award proves your credibility as a company, inspires trust from your customers, and puts you ahead of the competition. Imagine being able to call yourself ‘The award winning (insert company name here)’. Feels good doesn’t it?

Awards help to win new customers and contracts

With your reputation boosted and your public profile raised, an award win could attract new customers to your business. The additional credibility could also help you to secure future business contracts! Previous winners of our Social Business Wales Awards from gone from strength to strength after their win, using their award winning status to help sell themselves to potential customers.

Award wins are great morale boosts

Running a successful social enterprise is not easy. It takes a lot of hard work from a dedicated team of people. And what better way to boost your team’s morale than by proudly displaying a trophy and getting public recognition for their efforts?

Award winning businesses will help grow the sector

Social enterprise is a better way to do business. You know that already, but the public is a little behind. A high profile awards ceremony will shine a light on the sector and help convince people that social enterprise is the way forward and they should support them wherever possible.

Inspired? The 2021 Social Business Wales Awards are open until the 16th July. Find out more and apply.