Newid: Launching Digital Support for the Third Sector in Wales

In partnership with WCVA and Promo Cymru, we are supporting the third sector to develop digital skills to drive service transformation.

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Launching: NEWID

Wales Co-operative Centre is passionate about digital change, and we are looking forward to working with WCVA and partners on this new project called Newid (Change). Funded by Welsh Government, ProMo-Cymru and Dotiau have collaborated on a research project and defined what digital support is needed in the Welsh third sector.

Find out more about this project, how you can get involved and what’s in store.

First Digital Report in the Third Sector

First of it’s kind, the report has looked at how extensively technology is used within the sector. Prior to COVID there were only a handful of organisations in Wales delivering digital services. NEWID will aim to reach out to a vast number of organisations and establish, what areas are the priorities to focus on to develop best practice and digital confidence.   

Digitally Connecting the Sector

The data tells us that the sector is made up of 48,000 organisations and 52% of these are micro voluntary organisations with under £10k per annum turnover. 

NEWID will aim to be relevant across the range, from small community voluntary organisation run by a few key individuals, through to your established well know charity or local social enterprise that may employ many and deliver essential local services.   

Although digital issues may be similar across the sector, every organisation will be unique in its scale scope and capacity, so it vital we work with them and build capacity slowly. A round up of The Digital Discovery Report is available below.

"There are exciting as well as challenging times ahead for us in Wales as technology continuously evolves and we aim to keep abreast of how best to make it fit alongside the essential services the third sector deliver across Wales."

Marc Davies, Digital Lead Consultant

marc davies