New report maps the Social Business sector in Wales

Our 2020/21 census of the Social Business sector in Wales has been published today. The report estimates that the sector includes up to 2,309 businesses and up to 56,000 employees, generating £3.1–3.8 billion in value.

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‘Mapping the Social Business Sector in Wales’ is the definitive census of social business activity in 2020. It follows similar exercises undertaken every two years since 2014 with the aim of providing an up-to-date outline of the state, size, and scale of the sector – including a health check of the sector. Linked to the latter, the exercise is also an opportunity to understand how the sector has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

For many commentators, social businesses are seen as a means of rebalancing economic thinking by shifting the emphasis away from profit-maximisation towards improving the well-being, resilience and sustainability of the communities they are based in. Social businesses can be a key component of the Welsh Government’s ambition to create ‘inclusive growth’, a concept front and centre in the Welsh Government’s core strategy paper leading up to 2021, ‘Prosperity for All’.

This report demonstrates the impact that social enterprises make. On the one hand, they provide essential services in a wide range of sectors to communities across Wales. On the other hand, they play a crucial role in creating a fairer and more resilient economy by operating in the most deprived parts of the country, with comparatively high levels of workers earning the living wage and coming from unemployment.

The pandemic has accelerated determination across government and society to create a fairer economy, free from poverty and more resilient to future crises. It is clear that the social business sector can play a key role in achieving this ambition, and this report sets out the impact it already has and how it can grow even further.

Mapping the Social Business Sector in Wales / 2020 Census

This report provides a definitive analysis of the social business sector in Wales in 2020/21, including its composition, social value, trading performance, support needs, and pathways to growth.

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