Manumit Coffee helps survivors of modern slavery re-build their lives

Cardiff-based coffee roastery Manumit offers training and employment to people who’ve suffered horrendous exploitation at the hands of modern slave traders, writes Social Business Wales Advisor Geoff Jones. Manumit came to SBW looking to grow their social business so they could support even more people.

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Why it’s important

Nadia was born in Africa, raised in the UK but returned home to Africa as a teenager. While she was there she was trafficked into the sex industry. She sought help from a local church who arranged for her to return to the UK where she is now seeking to rebuild her life.

Eva was regularly beaten and sexually assaulted by her captors and was also made to take a number of different drugs and stimulants to keep her awake as she worked in forced prostitution. She eventually got away from her trafficker, and with the help of numerous partners and support agencies, is now in the process of rebuilding her life.

Both Nadia and Eva are working as coffee roasters at Manumit.

Manumit offers dignity and hope to survivors of modern slavery through training and employment. Its coffee is roasted by men and women who have endured unbelievable suffering at the hands of traffickers and modern slave traders but are now rebuilding their lives.

At its Cardiff-based roastery, it produces excellent coffee that combats modern slavery on three levels:

  • Sourcing specialty coffee beans from ethical, slavery free suppliers
  • Training and employing survivors of modern slavery as coffee roasters
  • Investing all profits in local and international anti-slavery projects

How we helped

Manumit approached the team at SBW for support with marketing. The Directors wanted to grow their business and to do this they needed to find a clear way to tell their story and differentiate themselves from their competitors.

SBW brought in a marketing expert who carried out a marketing segmentation and competitor analysis. She developed a marketing plan to help Manumit increase its sales of coffee supplies to office premises and co-working spaces.

SBW also helped the organisation develop a full set of HR policies including policies in respect of equal opportunities and gender mainstreaming.

Impact of our support

Manumit is now ready to market its products in a more focussed way. As the business expands, more people who’ve been victims of slavery will be able to gain work experience, grow in confidence and develop the skills they need to move forward with their lives.

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Geoff Jones is the Social Business Wales business advisor for Cardiff


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