Local business conference celebrating Welsh entrepreneurs who think big

Our 'Local Business Heroes' conference will shine a light on entrepreneurs who have global ambitions and reach while maintaining firm roots in their South Wales communities.

By Ben Bostock · 29 June 2021

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Passion is often the key motivator for entrepreneurs embarking on a business venture and not many can better typify this than the two speakers at our Local Business Heroes conference.

During the conference on July 7th, in partnership with the Focus Carmarthen Enterprise Hub, we’ll hear the success stories of two local Welsh business visionaries who transformed their interests into flourishing businesses, with global ambitions.

Ieuan Harry of Ffwrnes Pizza (AKA BBC Wales’ ‘Pizza Boys’) and Scott Flear of apparel outfit Rugby Warfare and fitness specialists ‘’ will discuss their respective journeys from humble beginnings in South West Wales to competing on a national and international scale.

Ffwrnes Pizza

Ffwrnes was made from the love of pizza – specifically their now-famous Neapolitan pizza – combining traditional Italian know-how and the best produce Wales has to offer.

Ieuan and childhood friend Jez Phillips began their pizza journey with trusty friend Smokey Pete, a three-wheeled van which played a starring role beside them on ‘Pizza Boys’.

“It's important to love what you do because it helps get you through the difficulties of owning your own business – in our case the long hours, quiet trade days or sometimes van troubles but it's totally worth it in the end."

Ieuan Harry, Ffwrnes Pizza

Speaking on the BBC series ‘Pizza Boys’, Ieuan said: “We started with a big dream of making pizza for a living, found a little van on eBay, kitted it out and went from there.”

Expanding on the seed for the Ffwrnes Pizza story, Ieuan said: “Once we tried these Neapolitan pizzas we well and truly caught the bug and had to start making them ourselves. From buying our first van Smokey Pete, we’ve gradually grown with the addition of another van and a stall at Cardiff Market.”

“The whole pizza dream started from the love of pizza, from nostalgic memories of pizza at home as kids, to making pizza at home and then the game-changing trip to Naples to eat the best pizzas in the world.”

Discussing his hopes for their trip to Italy to compete in the Pizza World Championships, Jez said: “Being successful on your own patch is one thing, being successful across Europe and the world is another. We’ll see how it goes!”

With an additional base in Cardiff’s Depot venue, Ieuan and Jez have come a long way since those early days and now regularly prepare up to 300 pizzas during the themed Street Food Social nights.

Influenced by pizza traditions from around the world with a Welsh twist, shared passion is of particular importance says Ieuan to ensuring their resilience:

“It’s important to love what you do because it helps get you through the difficulties of owning your own business – in our case the long hours, quiet trade days or sometimes van troubles but it’s totally worth it in the end.”

Rugby Warfare

Scott started his first business when he was 16. Since then, he started TRTLE, a fitness company, and Rugby Warfare, a clothing brand. Both are based in Wales, and both bring money into the Welsh economy from around the world. Rugby Warfare has sold products to over 44 countries globally, and the two businesses bring in a combined total of £1.5m revenue per year.

This conference is a celebration of local businesses and is ideal for anyone who is looking for inspiration to try their hand at turning their passion into a thriving enterprise or diversifying their existing business to serve demand on a worldwide playing field.

If that sounds like a familiar dream then join us only limitation is your imagination!

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