Meet some of our fabulous co-operative team

At the Wales Co-operative Centre we are all about our people. See below to learn about what our people think about working here.

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Melusi Moyo

Policy and Communications Intern

"So far, my internship at the Centre has been very insightful and enriching. I’ve been able to get involved in a range of projects across the Centre far-beyond my expectations. I’m currently working on case studies for a new TV and digital campaign as well as a newly commissioned piece of research. I’ve also been provided training to use design software, social media analytic tools and graphic design software during my time at the Centre - many things I’d never done before.

Although all my time at the Centre has been spent working remotely, I feel I’ve always been provided the support and resources to make the most of my internship from the start. I look forward to what else I can learn and experience in the time I have left here."

Portrait of James Williams


Trainer, Digital Communities Wales

"I genuinely have never worked anywhere better than the Wales Co-operative Centre. I always feel valued and appreciated for the work that I do, and am given consistent opportunities to develop both the project I’m working on, and myself. Everybody is open to new ideas, and doing the best that we can to help the great causes we work for, and I hope I never have to leave!"

Melusi Moyo Policy and Communications Intern


Director of External Engagement

"Working at the Wales Co-operative Centre is rewarding, fulfilling and often fun! The ethos of collaboration and co-operation is embedded into every aspect of the Centre's work and embodied by the staff who work here. It's an organisation that values the contribution of all colleagues, regardless of role or status, and there is a true sense of shared vision. The work that we do is often demanding and challenging and so the knowledge that there's always someone you can call on for support when needed is invaluable. Many colleagues have been at the Centre a long time - and it's easy to see why. It's a great organisation to join and a hard one to leave. "

Portrait of Mike Williams


Business Advisor, Social Business Wales

"As one of the longest-serving members of the team (19 years) there have to be good reasons why I’ve stayed for so long. The Centre is a values based organisation which lives by those values in everything it does, including the support and professional development opportunities offered to staff – this has never been better demonstrated than during the 2020 Covid pandemic when all staff worked from home and were fully supported to do so in many practical and emotional ways. I am very proud to work for an organisation that fully values diversity, actively supports mental health and is always looking to improve the economies of communities throughout Wales by working co-operatively."

Portrait of Claire white


Monitoring & Evaluation Officer, Communities Creating Homes

"Working at the Centre has allowed me to be a part of projects that are making a real difference in communities and I feel proud to be making my own contribution to that. Over several years I have worked on different projects and team work has always been at the heart of how we do things. I’ve been well supported to grow and develop my skills and confidence and progress within the organisation. My ideas have always been respected and I’ve been able to make an impact because of that support and respect. It’s an absolute pleasure to work somewhere that lives and breathes the values that they promote. It’s an innovative, forward-looking and exciting place to work."

Portrait of Russell Workman


Digital Inclusion Advisor, Digital Communities Wales

"Many organisations aspire to being values based, but the Wales Co-operative Centre truly embodies and demonstrates its values in its everyday activity. In the relatively short time that I have been with the Wales Co-operative Centre I have seen the dedication, professionalism and expertise of staff who work passionately to promote digital inclusion, provide support for co-operatives, encourage new businesses, and deliver a range of other increasingly important services. The whole organisation works supportively together to make a real, tangible difference to the lives of people and businesses throughout Wales. I am proud to be part of the Digital Communities Wales team and the Wales Co-operative Centre."