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As an Investor in People GOLD Award holder, we are committed to your learning and development and at the Wales Co-operative Centre that starts before you even arrive!

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We want you to reach your full potential and we have a variety of routes to ensure that happens. For us, learning and development is not necessarily just about attending training courses, but is a continuous journey to achieving your career goals.

Our learning and development programme starts with a tailored on-boarding plan which introduces you to the organisation and ensures you fully understand each of the projects which we deliver, where you fit and how you contribute to achieving the organisation’s objectives. Your manager will talk openly and regularly about your career goals and will help you to develop the skills needed to achieve them.

Learning takes place via various methods including knowledge sharing sessions, mentoring, coaching, job shadowing and secondment opportunities, as well as scheduled training events. We also support accredited work-related courses in order for staff to attain a nationally recognised qualification.

See below for testimonials from our staff about how the Wales Co-operative Centre has helped them develop their career:

Joining the Wales Co-operative Centre remotely was a daunting prospect. Starting a new job in general is always nerve racking but online even more. While I was already familiar with using online meeting platforms like Zoom and Teams during my studies – starting a job from home has been surreal. At times it’s felt strange interacting and working with a people I’ve never met day after day but every person at the Centre has been so welcoming. Everyone’s been very understanding and accommodating about starting a job remotely. During my first week having one to one video introductions with teams across the centre was also a big help for me to get to grips with the company and getting to know everyone before getting stuck into work. It’s really helped me to get to know all my colleagues and get into the working groove.

So far, my internship at the Centre has been very insightful and enriching. I’ve been able to get involved in a range of projects across the Centre far-beyond my expectations. I’m currently working on case studies for a new TV and digital campaign as well as a newly commissioned piece of research. I’ve also been provided training to use design software, social media analytic tools and graphic design software during my time at the Centre – many things I’d never done before.

No two week are the same as there’s a real mix to work, which provides a refreshing and dynamic work schedule.  Each week is different and presents different challenges, whether I’m conducting interviews, writing reports or designing graphics. I’m able to develop a range of skills and never have a chance to get bored! Some of the work I do allows me to also work independently, making decisions on my own with guidance from my managers when and where I need it which is nice.

A typical week usually starts with a team meeting on Monday mornings to discuss what everyone is getting up to. These meetings have been so much help to me, working from home I fell I miss out on the collaborative and social feel of an office. These meetings have really helped me settle in and provided a chance to get involved with projects and work with  colleagues on other tasks. This helps starts off my week with a clear sight and orientate what I’m working on and with who.

The centre also holds weekly all staff team meetings. This helps me understand and appreciate how the work I’m doing fits into the wider picture of the Centre’s priorities and agenda. Whilst having a general catch-up with all the teams.

Later in the week I usually have a video call with my line-manager to discuss my work-load, priorities and events going around the Centre. This really helps me stay on top of work and attend any training or events which could be useful for my development.

Although all my time at the Centre has been spent working remotely, I feel I’ve always been provided the support and resources to make the most of my internship from the start. I look forward to what else I can learn and experience in the time I have left here.

Hi, my name is Gemma and I am a Marketing Assistant at the Wales Co-operative Centre. I started at the Wales Co-operative Centre in May 2016 as a part-time Project Administrator. I have a Graphic Design degree and am very creative and so I was allowed to use this creativity to develop in the role which saw me take on much of the marketing activities for the project. This made me realise that a role in Marketing would be something I would be really suited to and so when an opportunity came up as a Marketing Assistant with the Wales Co-operative Centre I jumped at the chance of progressing my career.

I’m now using my degree which is great! My writing abilities have developed and I’m going to be taking on more copy writing in order to develop my skills further. I have achieved loads since starting the role and I can’t thank my manager or team enough for giving me the environment in which to grow.

Hi my name is Claudia and I am a Business Advisor within the Community Shares Wales team. During my time in the Community Shares Wales team I have been fully supported in my professional development – in just 2 years the Wales Co-operative Centre has supported me to obtain my ILM Level 2 in Leadership and Team Skills as well as become a Licensed Community Shares Practitioner! Both of these qualifications are of great value to me, both now and in the future as I look to progress in my career.

Hi my name is Gareth and I am the Project Officer covering North Wales for the Care to Co-operate Project. As someone who has learned to speak Welsh quite fluently, there were still some gaps in my knowledge. This was especially the case when writing in Welsh. In order to help me, the Wales Co-operative Centre arranged for me to do a number of one-to-one Welsh lessons with Canolfan Bedwyr in Bangor University. These lessons were tailored specifically to my needs. The sessions helped me quickly rectify a number of issues I had when writing Welsh and helped me to understand some things better. This increased my confidence and ability to use Welsh with clients and partners which is an essential part of my job, and will certainly assist me with my career development in the future.

Hi, my name is Matthew and I am one of the Project Managers for the Digital Communities Wales Project. I have been working at the Centre for coming up to 13 years. Over my time here I have been given the opportunity to complete a leadership and management PGC. This combined with the Centre’s hands on approach to learning and development gave me the practical skills to progress my career from an officer level post into a managerial role.

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