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Local pubs are an important asset for many communities across Wales. A community share offer could raise funds to help improve or save their assets from closure.

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Pubs are not just a place for your patrons to get a drink or bite to eat. They are more than just a place for guests to relax and unwind. They are more than a job or place to work. In many places across Wales, pubs like yours are the heart and soul of the community. They bring vibrancy to the high street, life to the town and comfort to the locals. They can host events, provide space for meetings and even house facilities such as shops or post offices.

But in these uncertain and difficult financial times, as many as one pub per week closes its doors, which means that communities across Wales are losing valuable assets.


Community share schemes are a means of raising money to finance a project.

By encouraging your community to invest in the pub and work together to manage its improvement; not only could you raise money that could have been difficult to find traditionally, but your group could also gain a sense of ownership, pride and empowerment.

Some of the benefits of community shares are:

  • Investors have the satisfaction of knowing they have helped transform their communities.
  • Investors have a democratic say in how their scheme is run. Shareholders have one vote each, regardless of their shareholding.
  • Investors have the potential to make a return on their investment.
  • Investors could trade volunteer hours on the project for shares.
  • Helps build strong independent communities.

Your pub might be a favourite stop for walkers, a draw for tourists, or the local that all the regulars are proud of. Whatever your pub means to you and your customers we know it’s hard work to sustain your business and keep people coming back time and again.

Do you want to take a step back and let the community take control of their local? Maybe you’re planning a career change or retirement and looking for a way to leave your legacy in safe hands?

Then why not try a community share offer? What better way to get the community committed to the success of your pub than by letting them buy into the business?

A community share offer will:

  • Allow your local community to raise money to invest in, or purchase the pub
  • Increase community support for the pub – often those who have invested become regular customers and will volunteer their time to help out
  • Strengthen your business – there are over 50 community owned pubs across the UK, all of which are trading successfully
  • Let people have a fair say in how the pub could progress – each shareholder gets one vote, regardless of their investment

Get our support

Carly and Claudia are our community shares experts. In fact they are the first accredited community shares practitioners in Wales. Please get in contact with them if you'd like their help to save your local.

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Community owned pubs we have supported

Le Public Space, Newport – A successful community share offer helped this popular music venue to move to a new building and improve their facilities.

Tafarn Yr Heliwr, Nefyn – Using a community share scheme allowed the local community to buy the closed pub in an attempt to regenerate their high street.

The Griffin Inn, Llanbedr –An open-share offer is raising  money to reopen and update this local pub, adding useful facilities to the community.

Tafarn Y Plu, LlanystumdwyThis community is raising money to buy the local pub, as the current owners intend to move on elsewhere.

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