Drive Taxis Cardiff goes extra mile for those in need

The Cardiff based taxi co-operative has been going the extra mile to support NHS staff and those in need by offering discounted services and free shopping trips to people with no support networks.

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Like many new and small businesses, Drive Taxis has faced huge challenges to their services, income and existence during this Covid-19 lockdown. Since the start of the Government’s lockdown period, with people having less freedom to move about, they have lost 95% of their pre-booked work. Beyond that, normal bookings have also been down by 80%. These difficulties have been compounded by losing a high number of drivers to self-isolation. At one point their work force was cut by 50%.

The company has responded to these trying circumstances in several positive ways. In a desire to show support to NHS staff, carers, and support workers travelling to and from work they have offered them a 25% discount on fares. The company wanted to honour the work of carers and support staff alongside the NHS in making this offer.

Drive Taxi Cardiff’s tribute to all NHS staff, carers and supportworkers:


If providing these discounts was not enough, Drive Taxis Cardiff have gone the extra mile by offering free shopping trips to those most in need. This service allows the vulnerable, elderly and self-isolating to use Drive Taxis Cardiff to pick up ‘click and collect’ orders. Although, due to time constraints, the drivers cannot queue at supermarkets, they can make sure that orders are collected and taken to those in need. They have also been collecting prescriptions and essential items from local convenience stores.

This service has been a lifeline for many. During the first week of the lockdown, the company made around twelve of these trips. By week two, as news spread, this became 5-10 trips a day. So far Drive Taxis Cardiff has been able to support everyone who has asked for help in this way. It is worth bearing in mind that this free service is not being paid for by an external source.

Drive Taxis Cardiff’s members have been delivering to those who need it most:


The back story to this free service says a lot about the company’s values. Drive Taxis Cardiff had set aside money from their first year of trading to invest in a new dispatch system, to help them be competitive in the marketplace. The members of the co-operative unanimously agreed to use that money to fund the free shopping trips. They have stressed that they want to keep this service going for as long as they can.

Drive Taxis Cardiff was set up as a co-operative on 1st March 2019 to provide fair employment to a group of Cardiff based taxi drivers, and true to that principle of fairness they have been supporting others in these difficult times.

In these challenging times for businesses, good news stories about companies making the choice to help the NHS and their communities gives us all a lift. Drive Taxis Cardiff are making a real difference to people with no support networks.

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