Covid-19: Factsheets for social businesses

The Social Business Wales team has collated a range of factsheets and guidance to help social businesses during the Covid-19 pandemic

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Social Business Wales have developed this guide to help you navigate your individual route to re-opening. It will aid you as a social business to consider the key implications to re-starting your business and signpost you to key resources and sources of information. Enabling you to plan and prepare for the journey ahead and be in a position to reopen your social business as soon as government restrictions allow.

Journey to Re-Opening Your Social Business – part 1

Journey to Re-Opening Your Social Business – part 2

Take a step back, analyse your finances and develop a proactive plan on how you can cover the costs of your business and keep going during these unprecedented times due to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak in the UK.

Finance factsheet

The challenges our sector is facing are great and to ensure we stay resilient as businesses, we need to prepare for those tough financial times ahead over the coming weeks and months.

Stripping Back Your Cashflow

Here are our top tips for social businesses who want to access specialist Covid-19 funding.

Top Tips for Social Businesses Accessing Financial Support

Social Business Wales has commissioned HCHR Limited to produce a report on the introduction and implementation of the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme.

Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme – part 1

Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme – part 2

This briefing note is intended as a means of signposting you to useful information and resources relating to HR and staffing concerns during this pandemic.

HR factsheet

Some of our clients have asked us how they can continue to act within their rules and what they should do about upcoming AGMs. This briefing signposts you to useful information and resources relating to governance during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Governance factsheet

This document from Welsh Government details the support available to businesses (including social businesses).

Coronavirus – Support for Businesses 23 March 2020

Digital technologies offer a lifeline to keep your organisation afloat. Here are some key digital consideration to help you adapt to the Covid-19 situation.

Technology factsheet

New rules have come into force in Wales regarding social distancing and the workplace. The rules force businesses which are still operating to make sure they take reasonable steps to keep the 2 metre distance between people on the premises. Businesses are required to take proportionate justifiable measures.

Safe distancing factsheet

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More Covid-19 resources

Social Business Wales has a range of other resources to help you during the Covid-19 pandemic