Support on offer for co-operative and community-led housing

Communities Creating Homes is here to help people develop their own co-operative and community-led housing scheme. As well as improving housing provision, we want to create a resilient Wales, a more equal Wales and a Wales of cohesive communities.

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Tailored support

We know that every project is different – so our support is tailored to the needs of each community. Whether you’re new to co-operative and community-led housing, have already formed a group, or want to join an existing group, we want to help.

Our support comes in five stages…


Never heard of co-operative and community-led housing? We’re here to introduce the idea and see if it could be the answer to your housing problems.


Once you know a little about co-operative and community-led housing, you can find out more through our events, workshops and publications. We’ll answer all your questions and put you in touch with like-minded people to explore the potential of developing a scheme. You may be able to apply for a small grant of up to £2500.


If you’re ready to establish a housing project, we’ll support your group to develop the cohesion, capability and capacity you’ll need to make it a reality.


As your plans progress, we offer operational support, peer support networks and sustainable strategies to maximise success in the long term.

Educate & Influence

You’ve achieved your vision, but we want to tell the world about your success! We commission research and can promote your story so that others can learn from your experience.

The Communities Creating Homes team

Our team are our co-operative and community-led housing experts, with many years experience in the sector. They are enthusiastic about community-led housing and enjoy working with people across Wales to find inventive solutions to local housing needs.

“Traditionally in Wales, we have been a nation of homeowners, but this is now a luxury that many people struggle to afford, especially those of us from ‘generation rent’. But with such strain on the social and private rented sector, I feel now is a perfect opportunity to be exploring different approaches, including the co-operative and community-led housing models.”

Casey Edwards, Communities Creating Homes project officer