Directory of community-led housing in Wales

Take a look at the co-operative and community-led housing movement in Wales. Our directory includes both established and developing schemes.

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Community-led housing is exactly what it says on the tin – the community leads the development of homes and communities. It can involve building new homes, returning empty homes back to use and managing existing homes, covering all tenures.

It is a highly localised way for communities, registered social landlords and local authorities to develop bespoke solutions that meet their needs; creating affordable, cohesive and resilient communities. No two schemes are the same, and there are several different models of community-led housing, which includes housing co-operatives, community-land trusts, tenant management organisations, cohousing and self-build schemes.

Our community led housing directory includes both established and developing schemes across Wales and aims to show the range of schemes that are possible and encourage groups to learn from each other’s experiences.


  • Pink – Housing Co-operative
  • Blue – Tenant Management Organisation
  • Light green – Community Land Trusts
  • Dark green – Intentional Community
  • Purple – Co-housing
  • Orange – Self or custom-build
  • Yellow – Use co-operative principles in housing management
  • Brown – One Planet Development

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