6. A realistic scheme proposal

Making a realistic scheme proposal is absolutely essential in securing funding and interesting from development partners.

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About this section

This section provides information about the various parts of a realistic scheme proposal and what you need to be aware of when developing your proposal. It consists of 9 pages and you can see a brief overview below.

In brief

Making a realistic scheme proposal involves identification of:

  1. A development site or buildings which can achieve planning permission for the intended CCLH scheme.
  2. A development model and funding plan setting out what is needed to raise the finances for the scheme.
  3. A business plan for managing the scheme that includes costs for long term maintenance.

Of course, there’s a little more to it than that and this section goes in to further detail on each of the points above.

In this section…

6.1. The development site or buildings

6.2. The development model – obtaining funding

6.3. A business plan

6.4. Funding to develop the CCLH group