Communities Creating Homes

Our Communities Creating Homes project offers support and advice to new and existing organisations looking to develop co-operative community-led housing schemes in Wales.

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What is co-operative and community-led housing?

Co-operative and community-led housing is about local people taking a leading and lasting role in creating secure, affordable homes and strengthening their communities.

It brings people together to decide what kind of homes and communities they want to live in. People with a shared vision can come together and have an influential voice. They play an essential role alongside councils, developers and investors to create affordable homes which meet local community needs.

Co-operative and community-led housing comes in many shapes and sizes. Small groups of friends buying a house to share, leaseholders setting up a tenant management committee, community members buying local land on which to develop new housing, and people who want to develop sustainable homes with a small ecological footprint – these are all examples.

People have more control of where they live, and work with others to achieve a shared goal. Communities create homes.

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Affordable housing is housing provided to meet the needs of those who cannot afford market housing. There should be clear provisions in place to ensure that it remains accessible at an affordable price for future eligible households.

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No two schemes are the same but all co-operative and community-led housing have common features, including:

  • The community is integrally involved in decision making about the homes
  • The community take a formal role in the ownership, stewardship and management of the homes
  • The housing scheme benefits the local community or a defined group of people.

Co-operative and community-led housing is for everyone:

  • For people on different income levels
  • For people wanting to rent or buy
  • For people who want to live in a secure and supportive community
  • For building new homes or returning empty properties back to use
  • For managing existing homes.

Co-operative and community-led housing involves local people in housing decisions – so the outcomes are often more successful.

  • Having a voice in the development and management of the homes gives residents a sense of empowerment, pride and ownership
  • Communities become more resilient
  • Anti-social behaviour is reduced
  • Residents feel happier and more satisfied being part of a supportive community.

Homes are built in areas where they are needed – often this is in places which commercial developers wouldn’t consider for housing.

  • This improves housing supply and the provision of affordable housing
  • Areas which have fallen into decline can be regenerated and empty homes returned to use
  • Small, tricky sites can be put to good use
  • Shared communal spaces can reduce the pressure on green space
  • More accessible home ownership options.

A guide to developing community-led housing schemes

The go-to resource to help you understand how to set-up a community-led housing development, with lots of useful information to help you get started.

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The Communities Creating Homes project is funded by The Nationwide Foundation and Welsh Government and delivered by the Wales Co-operative Centre. The Explore stage of the programme will be delivered by the Development Trust Association Wales.


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