Anglesey-based social enterprise set to help shape efforts to tackle the climate emergency in Wales with Welsh Government backing

Having submitted an Environmental Petition to the Senedd earlier this year, One.Earth Oneworld’s environmental and education papers have now gained the support of the Future Generations Commissioner for Wales. And proposals will now be taken forward to the Environmental and Education Committees to consider changes and new plans for the new curriculum in 2021/22.

By Ben Bostock · December 21, 2020

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Their efforts to influence policy change in Wales have been spearheaded by founder, legal professional and long-time environmental campaigner, Noemi Diaz-Rhys.

“Having managed a few environmental projects across Wales, my first exposure to environmental policy was assisting in promotion of the work of the third sector on environmental topics. Fast forward a few years and I have recently submitted a paper to the Senedd for environmental awareness and education to be a module for young people to understand at an early age their environment and the challenges they have so they are best equipped to tackle these in a sustainable smart way.”

“I am so thankful for having the support of The Future Generations’ Commissioner, innovating in the world and that is a tough agenda. We are really proud that Wales is at the forefront on working on the nation’s Well-being and for Children and Young People’s futures, too.”

With business support from Social Business Wales, Noemi and her team are also working with schools and agencies to promote well-being, welsh heritage and healthy living in Wales. The ethos is based on wellness being a holistic integration of physical, and mental well-being and these are influenced by key themes such as: social cohesion, financials, the environment around us and our personal interests and goals, with hopes to promote new projects centred around cohesion and co-operation coming up in February 2021.

Noemi continues, saying: “One.Earth Oneworld operates with basic foundations, fundamentally focussed on collaboration and cohesion. Working together is so important for transformation and to arrive to suitable innovations and solutions in an effective and efficient way.”

“We recognise that the key to success is collaboration. There is no other way. Otherwise, in my view it is like building a house with just one tool.”

Noemi Diaz-Rhys

One.Earth has, aside from their lobbying work, been involved in a number of initiatives to raise awareness and understanding of environmental issues among young people in Wales, including; the ‘Nature and Me’ 2020 Art competition, giving an opportunity for 6-17 year olds to express through art how they interact with nature and the ‘Race to Zero’ campaign.

“We were delighted that ‘Race to Zero’ recognises our efforts despite us being a very young social enterprise contributing towards achieving a net zero initiative.

“From the outset we wanted for One.Earth Oneworld to be a sustainable business working smartly across all business areas. We currently work with small businesses offering advice on sustainability impact considering water use, waste, plastics and Co2 emissions from their operations. This is a service we are offering across all sectors from 1 January 2020. This new project is called Photosynthesis 2030 – to assist businesses reach their carbon targets and demonstrate their work moving towards a circular economy.”

Discussing the next steps for One.Earth Oneworld, Noemi says the social business sector is hugely important in reaching out to communities and engaging people of all ages in the long-term, to help embed the environmental-conscious mindset within their own and the sector’s governance and operations an ethos of sustainable responsible business and assist with the transformation as an enabler of change.

“I am very much looking forward for the principles and goals of the Wellbeing Future Generations Act to apply to all sectors, not only the public sector.”

So, the future looks positive for environmentally-minded sustainability in Wales thanks to the work of One.Earth Oneworld and other social enterprises working towards our common environmental goals.



One.Earth Oneworld has received business consultancy support and advice from Social Business Wales New Start, funded by the European Regional Development Fund and delivered by the Wales Co-operative Centre.

Social Business Wales programme is funded by the European Regional Development Fund through Welsh Government and delivered by the Wales Co-operative Centre.