A thriving place for future generations

Stewards of an 80 acre farm working with, rather than against nature.

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Brithdir Mawr is a co-operative community that has been acting as the steward for an 80 acre farm in Pembrokeshire since 1994.

In 2002, the Brithdir Community officially formed a housing co-operative to govern the properties democratically; since then, members meet weekly to discuss the management of the homes and land.

Though the structure of the community has changed over the years,the ethos remains the same, with members sharing resources, meals and knowledge, and creating a supportive, nurturing environment to live in.

A sustainable and globally responsible community

The co-operative aims to work towards a lifestyle that leaves the environment – both local and global – better, or at least no worse, at the end of their lives.

The community try to meet as many of their needs as possible from the land. They husband goats, ducks, chickens and bees to provide milk, eggs and honey. They also produce organic fruit and veg in polytunnels and large gardens as well as preserve produce and bake bread.

They coppice wood for fuel and use their own materials such as wood and willow for craftwork.

The community take care of the land according to organic principles, and try to recycle and conserve resources as much as possible, using compost toilets and are off the grid water and electricity.

Living and learning together

Everyone that stays at Brithdir Mawr believes that the benefits of collective living outweigh the difficulties. They believe that working together is easier and more enjoyable than working separately and they aim to behave in a way so that all can flourish and feel at home.

Members of the co-operative share and exchange their skills and experience to help both everyone move towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

A co-operative community

Many people have come and gone over the years, some staying for just a short time, some for as long as 20 years. During this time the community has welcomed many hundreds of visitors including friends and family, volunteers, course participants, event attendees and students.

The co-op is run based on the principles of sustainability, collective living and education and most who have stayed there, have left with very fond memories and having learnt something new about sustainable living, reducing their carbon footprint or growing food.