7.7. Non-resident CCLH schemes

CCLH schemes can be developed by anyone, including those who will not being living at the development, for example to provide affordable homes or a local income stream.

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CCLH schemes can be established by groups of people who are motivated to make particular outcomes happen in their local community. These outcomes may be about ensuring:

  • A supply of permanently affordable housing.
  • Homes are available to local people on low incomes.
  • Regeneration of a local area.
  • Scheme design that fits in locally and environmental standards.
  • A local income stream.
  • Other community interests.

Types of non-resident CCLH schemes

Various CCLH vehicles can be formed to enable local objectives to be delivered. Community Land Trusts have received recent publicity, but other options are available.


Partnership bodies formed between the local authority, housing associations or other organisations (particularly those providing access to funding or resources) and the local community may also be an option.

The larger the proposed scheme and the more resources required, the more likelihood that the scheme would need to be developed in partnership.