7.7.3. Other organisations

A variety of other organisations have been set up to respond to a range of community needs; from community councils, trusts to local housing associations.

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Community Based Housing Associations, Community Anchors and Self-Help Housing are organisations that can all play a role in helping to develop non-resident CCLH schemes. Whilst they all have different roles, they have often been established to respond to a community need.

Community based housing associations

Some Community Based Housing Associations have been set up to meet particular needs sometimes in relation to regeneration programmes. They are larger than other CCLH opportunities discussed in this guide and are very specific to their circumstances.

  • Merthyr Valleys Homes – Wales’ first tenant and employee mutual housing association est. in 2009 as a result of tenants voting to transfer their homes to a new not-for-profit organisation.
  • Walterton & Elgin Community Homes, Westminster – set up under specific legislation in the 1990s as a result of community action.
  • Watmos Community Homes – set up to provide a vehicle for ownership of homes managed by 11 Tenant Management Organisations in Walsall and London.
  • The Pioneer Group, Castle Vale, Birmingham – set up following a regeneration programme on the Castle Vale estate.  The Pioneer Group is an example where its preceding organisation was set up as community-led, but the community could not sustain community governance and chose to reduce its involvement in governance whilst maintaining the community ethos of the new organisation.  Circumstances can change and communities need to be able to change how they operate.


Each community based housing association is set up with governance arrangements that are right for them in their circumstances, involving members of the community as appropriate.

Community anchors

Community Anchors have been established in various neighbourhoods to provide a range of social and community facilities. Most are Development Trusts and, dependent on the needs of local communities, they provide services ranging from support for young people, to health and wellbeing services, arts initiatives, employment support, money and welfare advice and other areas. Some are now developing CCLH schemes to meet local identified needs.

  • Saffron Lane Neighbourhood Council – a resource centre supporting skills training, money advice, young people and wellbeing services. It also operates an urban farm and has created 68 new affordable and passiv haus standard homes in the heart of Leicester.
  • Goodwin Trust – a wide ranging organisation in inner city Hull, Goodwin offers extensive local services to meet the needs of local people, working in partnership with public, private and third sector organisations. Its assets include a conference centre, 60 refurbished rental homes and a development of new, modular housing.
  • Witton Lodge Community Association – established as a response to the announcement that 908 houses would be demolished, today Witton Lodge has nearly 200 rental homes and a 40 apartment extra care facility. It also provides support skills training among local people, runs a community hall and is involved in wide ranging environmental and wellbeing projects.


Self-help housing

Self-Help Housing is an initiative to support various community based organisations, which can include co-ops and community land trusts, or other organisations who are unable to access mainstream housing for their members or clients, or who want to tackle local problems arising from empty property, with the tools to take on and make use of the increasing number of empty properties in our cities, towns and villages.

  • Canopy Housing – a community organisations set to renovate derelict houses in Leeds, both to create decent homes for homeless people and to provide training for local people.
  • Mace Housing Co-operative – a co-operative that developed out of short-life housing in Hackney and Camden in London that provides homes primarily for single homeless people that also enables their members to gain housing related qualifications
  • St Basils Live and Work and Ty Cyfle – community-led projects that provide homes and work opportunities for young people, through St Basil’s youth homelessness organisation in Birmingham and Bron Afon Community Housing in Torfaen.