7.3. Rental co-operative schemes

Rental CCLH schemes are usually co-operatives. Tenants who live in them are usually members of the co-op and can participate in its governance through their membership.

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If scheme finances permit it, a new rental housing co‑op can own the freehold of the homes it rents to its members. Over 400 existing UK rental housing co‑operatives successfully own and manage their homes and have done so for many years.

Case study

  1. Tan y Fron Housing Co-op

Forming a partnership

Lease/management agreement

Terms in either a lease or a management agreement can be included that set out how a housing co‑op can subsequently transfer full freehold ownership of the homes to itself. This would require the co‑op raising its own finance, buying the homes and registering with the regulator if public grant has been involved.

Case study

  1. Taf Fechan Housing Co-operative