Environmental Policy

This policy commits the Wales Co-operative Centre to adopting working practices that will assist towards continued environmental improvement, prevent pollution and reduce unavoidable negative environmental influences caused by the Centre’s activities.


This policy applies to all the operations of the Wales Co-operative Centre across the organisation’s multiple sites.


The Wales Co-operative Centre is Wales’s national body for co-operatives, mutuals, social enterprises, and employee owned businesses. We apply our co-operative values to strengthening communities and services as well as supporting these social businesses.

We will commit to adopting working practises that will assist towards continued environmental improvement, prevent pollution and reduce unavoidable negative environmental influences caused by the Centre’s activities. Through this policy and the development of a register of relevant environmental legislation we ensure that all legal obligations are met.

This environmental policy covers all aspects of our operation. In particular the Wales Co-operative Centre will:

  • reduce the amount of waste generated by reusing and recycling where possible
  • recognise the procurement and use of products/services which have minimal environmental and social impact
  • use energy and water in an efficient way
  • reduce the impact of vehicle emissions by encouraging the application of sustainable principles of travelling and arranging meetings
  • provide training/advice and regularly up date staff on issues to encourage good environmental practice
  • ensure full compliance with environmental legislation relevant to the organisation’s activities
  • ensure organisations we associate with are aware of our policies and to encourage them to develop their own good environmental practices

Lead responsibility for environmental management rests with the Director of Corporate Services who will be supported to deliver the programme of activity by the HR manager and the senior administrator. The Centre is committed to developing organisational action plans and to working towards the Green Dragon environmental standard to at least level 2.

It is the responsibility of all Board members, employees, visitors, tenant organisations and contractors to fully support this policy through their active co-operation and participation.

Responsibilities of all staff

In the undertaking of their daily duties we recognise that all of our staff will have an influence on the environment.

In particular, staff are asked to observe the following:


  • Re – use paper, envelopes, folders etc whenever possible. Once re-used – recycle
  • Only print when essential – use print preview as much as possible in order to minimize paper use in the first place
  • Recycle any empty bottles, cans, cardboard boxes in the receptacles provided
  • Food waste caddies will be provided and situated in the kitchens
  • Recycle used toner cartridges


  • Public transport, walking, cycling or car share are promoted as the preferred form of transport for all Centre staff – including travel to and from work and meetings etc
  • Use video or tele-conferencing for meetings when possible to reduce / eliminate the need for travel

Energy Use

  • Use energy – water, lighting and heat efficiently. Switch off lights, computers, printers when not in use – and especially when out of the building
  • Put your computer onto the energy saving mode when you are away from your desk for short periods
  • Control heaters sensibly


  • Be aware of other environmental issues – i.e. purchasing items of stationery etc – check what is in the building first
  • When you can, inform outside organisations about the Centre’s Environment policy

Our environmental policy reflects and has drawn on the personal commitment of staff who who fully support its objectives. We expect all staff to make the policy work because of this commitment. However, in the event of any member of staff repeatedly failing to meet their responsibilities as outlined above, it will be considered a breach of this policy, and may result in disciplinary action.

Review date: September 2015

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