You’re entrepreneurial, dynamic and ambitious. You’ve got fire in your eyes and you’re ready to take on the world.

You also have a higher purpose, because you plough your profits into a social or environmental cause. So welcome to the world of consultancy with a conscience.

As a social business looking to grow, you’re entitled to FREE specialist business support from Social Business Wales. Social Business Wales is funded by the European Regional Development Fund and Welsh Government. It is delivered by the Wales Co-operative Centre as part of the Business Wales service.

Social Business Wales is our latest in a line of projects that have created over 300 new businesses and almost 400 jobs in the last five years. We’re also pioneering employee ownership and co-operative working amongst mainstream businesses.

Want a bigger turnover? More staff? Better IT skills? To attack new markets? No other agency has our length or breadth of experience in social business.

Support We Provide

Whatever you want to do, Social Business Wales provides the experts who can help. We’re the national agency across Wales for social businesses and co-operatives.

We go from VAT advice to visioning, business planning to board development, and sales strategy to stakeholder engagement. And everything in between.

Our experts can come to you. You can come to us. It’s your call. And it’s all backed up with a comprehensive online toolkit complete with all the resources you’ll need to grow your business and take on the world.

You’d have to have a very good reason not to get in touch.

Our team of advisors are experts in:

  • Visioning & Growth Planning
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Legal Structure Advice & Incorporation
  • Governance
  • Board Development
  • Business Planning
  • Financial Planning
  • Workforce Development
  • Sales Strategy & Marketing Planning
  • Tax & VAT Advice
  • Recruitment & HR
  • Joint Bidding
  • ICT Support
  • Sector Specific Technical Advice
  • Succession Planning
  • Employee Ownership Structures
  • Independent Business Valuations

Additional advice on areas such as intellectual property and international trade support will be provided through Business Wales.


We’re keen to hear from you, so please complete an enquiry form.

More Info

We’re a business, like you. Our work with social businesses is funded by the European Regional Development Fund and Welsh Government. And we’re part of the Business Wales service. So, for you, we’re a free service. And a good one, too.

Audits have said we’re a shining example of social business support. And that we’re one of the most progressive and effective agencies in Europe.

Since January 2012, 94% of our clients have said they’d recommend us. Might we recommend you get in touch?

Other Support

Maybe you’re not thinking about business growth, but are planning to start a social business or just need some information about running an existing one? Visit Social Business Wales for online guidance, tools and advice (developed by the Wales Co-operative Centre and Welsh Government).

You can also get information, advice and guidance from Business Wales, telephone 03000 6 03000.

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