Welcome to the Wales Co-operative Centre’s membership site. Our members believe in the power of social businesses to achieve positive social and economic change for Wales. You can join as a member and manage your subscriptions here. Members need to be over 16 and committed to our values and principles.

New members can enrol here and pay for annual subscriptions. All members enjoy the following benefits:

  • An invitation to our AGM
  • voting rights (does not apply to staff members)
  • regular newsletters
  • networking events

Subscription is really easy using our secure Web Collect payment process. Your subscription includes a £1 share which is not withdraw-able or transferable and is taken out of your first year’s payment. Subscription is annually renewable.

When you subscribe you will be agreeing that the Wales Co-operative Centre can contact and correspond with you using the email address that you provide with your payment details.

In exceptional circumstances our Board may not approve membership, in which case your subscription will be refunded.

If you share our values and principles, then become a member and help drive the sector forward.

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