Cross Party Group on Co-operatives and Mutuals

The Cross Party Group brings together Assembly Members and other interested stakeholders from across Wales to discuss the development and growth of co-operatives in Wales. It holds regular meetings where different topics are discussed in detail with a range of expert speakers.

For more information on the Group and to sign up for alerts about future meetings, please contact the Wales Co-operative Centre’s marketing team.

Members include:

Recent meetings topics:

November 2017: Co-operative development in the Welsh Agri-food sector

How can co-operatives play a role in the development of the Welsh agricultural sector? With Brexit on the horizon, the agri-food sector faces new challenges and opportunities. What role can co-operatives play in helping to sustain and develop the sector through Brexit?

The meeting focused on ‘Co-operative development in the Welsh agri-food sector’, a new research report from Social Business Wales. It explores these issues, looks at best practice and makes recommendations to develop co-operatives and co-operation in the agri-food sector in Wales. The report’s author, Jon Parker, was the main speaker and the Group discussed ideas for developing co-operatives in the Welsh agri-food sector.

Download the minutes from the meeting and presentations here.

February 2017: Community Energy: How can co-operatives and mutuals lead the way in producing more renewable energy schemes in Wales?

The Welsh Government reiterated their commitment to developing more renewable energy projects in their Programme for Government. How can co-operative and mutual community groups lead the way on this? The Group heard from guest speaker, Dan McCallum of Awel Co-op. Awel have won a number of awards for their pioneering work. He provided vital insight into their experience of developing renewable energy projects, what lessons we can learn and what more can be done to support co-ops and mutuals interested in developing similar schemes.

Download the minutes and presentations from the meeting now.

November 2016: Community Rights and Community Asset Transfer

The Welsh Government’s Programme for Government document contained a section on developing a ‘Made in Wales’ approach to community rights and community assets. But what should this ‘Made in Wales’ approach look like? How could we establish community co-ops as an integral model within a Welsh framework? The Group heard from guest speaker, Dan Gregory of Social Enterprise UK, on what lessons we can learn from similar frameworks developed in England and Scotland.

Download the minutes of the meeting and our paper on Community Rights and Community Asset Transfer.