Co-op Housing

Housing co-operatives are groups of people who collectively own and manage their accommodation – from shared houses, to blocks of flats, to entire housing estates. Together they take responsibility for arranging repairs, making decisions about rent and who joins or leaves the co-operative. Living in a housing co-operative can be a good way to get affordable housing and gives people more control over where they live.

Co-operative housing can provide an innovative, affordable and alternative model for home ownership in Wales. The approach offers affordable housing in a climate where mortgages are difficult to get and house prices too high for many buyers.

How We Can Help

Our Co-operative Housing Project offers support and advice to new and existing organisations looking to develop housing co-operative schemes in Wales. Our goal is to develop and stimulate demand for the Co-operative Housing approach throughout Wales.

Our Key Areas of Support:

  • Providing access to expertise & advice about co-operative housing
  • Providing skills development & training opportunities for members of co-operative housing schemes
  • Supplying networking opportunities & sharing good practice
  • Producing research that can inform the development of co-operative housing schemes
  • Developing guidance for future co-operative housing schemes

Who We Work With

The project has three pilot schemes of 89 homes which will be ready for occupation by January 2016. It has a further four advanced pioneer schemes accounting for over 100 homes which will reach pilot stage by March 2016. Overall there are more than twenty pioneer co-operative housing developments underway in Wales as a result of this project.

More Info

Research into the Potential Demand for Co-operative Housing in Wales (PDF)

Funding is provided by Welsh Government with The Nationwide Foundation providing funding for consultancy support.


What is Co-operative Housing (PDF) What is Co-op Housing (PDF)

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