Care to Co-operate is for people who access care and support services as it gives them significant voice and control in how their services are run.

We can assist you to share your skills, knowledge and ideas to directly improve how services are defined, designed and delivered – and we do this by working co-operatively.

We offer free tailored advice and guidance for social enterprises, social co-operatives and consortia.

Why Care to Co-operate?

A big reason we’re here is because of a new law in Wales called the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act. Welsh Government wants more social enterprises and social co-operatives to deliver support services and personal care. This is because these organisations involve people in making decisions about how they are run and the services they offer. This is exactly what the Act wants to see happen. It is an exciting time to change social services in Wales.

What We Do & What Care to Co-operate Can Do for You?

  • Identify how you are already working co-operatively and support you to grow your activities and services
  • Assist in establishing partnerships and consortia wanting to provide co-operative services
  • Support you with guidance on business planning and to incorporate your co-operative organisation

Care to Co-operate for People – for Citizens

  • Help people come together and support you to think, act and work co-operatively
  • Co-operative planning and development including workshops and training
  • Hands-on assistance for you to write out how you will manage your group or organisation. This means you will have a direct influence in what is required to fulfil your well-being
  • Set up and incorporate your new co-operative organisation

Care to Co-operate for Groups – for Organisations

  • Specialist knowledge for organisations wanting to re-draft their constitution so they can be more co-operative
  • Co-operative business planning and development including tailored workshops and training
  • Support to incorporate as a co-operative group or organisation and to develop a co-operative management structure so that all members have a voice to influence and determine services

Case Studies

We’ve developed two case studies with Community Lives Consortium and Every Link Counts to show how they are giving people a real stake in how they arrange and access their support services.

Community Lives Consortium Case Study (PDF) Every Link Counts Case Study (PDF)

Care to Co-operate Services

Our services are available to anyone interested in setting up a care co-operative. Take a look at how we can support you below.

1. The Light Bulb Phase – When You Have the Idea!

  • Support to take forward your ideas and how to achieve your vision through a set of actions

2. Planning Phase – Co-Operative Actions to Develop Your Idea into Support, Care and Preventative Services

  • Help to raise awareness and inspire people with the power of co-operation
  • Support to form a core group that will turn the initial idea into an action plan
  • Guidance on how to research the opportunities for your co-operative to deliver services – and who to

3. Development Phase – More Detailed Planning Readying You for Launch Day

  • Guidance on how to run a co-operative and to work co-operatively with your members, colleagues and other stakeholders
  • Information on different funding and finance options for your co-operative along with financial planning and management
  • Help to select a legal structure that fits with your co-operative idea and support, care and preventative services
  • For consortium – support for the forming of a consortium leading to the signing of a ‘Memorandum of Understanding’
  • Assistance with VAT, tax, social care standards, registration with Companies House, the Financial Conduct Authority or the Charity Commission.

4. Social Co-operation Forum

  • Access to the unique support of people already working and co-operating in the social services sector in Wales
  • Networking, mentoring and sharing of information knowledge, skills and experience

5. Comprehensive Toolkit Complete With All the Resources Necessary to Work Co-operatively

  • A web based toolkit to be launched during Spring 2017 and accessed via the Care to Co-operate web pages

Interested in How We Can Help?

You can get in touch with us by through our online contact form.

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