We’re in the business of creating a better, fairer, more co-operative Wales.We apply our co-operative values to supporting social businesses, strengthening communities, tackling poverty and promoting inclusion.We are the Wales Co-operative Centre

E:  |  T: 0300 111 5050  |  Registered society under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014, number 24287 R.

ProjectAward Nominations Open!Social Business WalesSocial Business Support If you’re a social business looking to grow, you’re entitled to FREE specialist business supportp.2 Find Out More
ProjectDigital InclusionDigital InclusionWe work with organisations to help support digitally excluded people engage with technologyp.3 Find Out More
ProjectCare to Co-operateCare to Co-operateWe bring people together who want to plan and provide better care for their family, friends and neighbours.p.4 Find Out More
ProjectCo-op HousingCo-op Housing We offer support and advice to organisations looking to develop housing co-operative schemes p.5 Find Out More
latest news: Co-operatives & Trade Unions can Protect the Freelance Industry, According to New Report more
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ProjectFinancial InclusionFinancial Inclusion Our work aims to shape and inform both local (Welsh) and national (UK) strategy and policyp.6 Find Out More
Join Our Team Careersp.7 Find Out More
AboutPublicationsPublications Impact Report 2014 – 15 · Social Businesses in Wales: The State of the Sector + 10 Morep.8 Find Out More
AboutExpertiseExpertise We’re supporting Wales’ economic growth by providing a comprehensive range of servicesp.9 Find Out More
AboutFacts About UsFacts About Us 68 Employees · 4 Offices · 1 Aim: for Wales to be an international leader for co-operative thinking and action p.10 Find Out More